IBM - September 2016 (MMH & SCMR)

"Key Challenges and Best Practices for B2B Fulfillment"

Business-to-Business (B2B) Commerce,  the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses—instead of businesses and consumers—is expanding by leaps and bounds. This growth is pushing more companies to rethink their fulfillment practices, particularly in the areas of inventory management, order velocity, and the ability to meet order commitment dates.

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Ryder - February 2015 (SCMR)


As consumers gain greater connectivity to retailers by means of eCommerce, their already high demands become increasingly challenging for businesses to meet. Until recently, order fulfillment was a simple function for supply chains. But with the increasing expectations, the changing nature of order fulfillment presents a whole new set of complexities.


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Ryder - April 2014 (LM)

"Improving Order and Fulfillment Operations:  Purchase Order Management"

The growth of global supply chain has put constraints on companies who source goods from factories and suppliers overseas. Where it used to be easy enough to keep tabs on domestic acquisitions and the occasional import, managing procurement across the miles has become increasingly onerous for organizations whose supply chains extend across borders, oceans and continents. As a result, they are looking at ways to make their Purchase Order Management processes more predictable and efficient.  

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