Enterprise Florida - November 2018 (LM)

“Finding the Right Location for Your Company’s Next Logistics/Distribution Center"

If you’re not considering Florida for one of your company’s logistics and distribution hubs, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to effectively and efficiently service your customers in today’s fast-paced distribution environment.

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Panasonic - March 2017 (MMH)

"Mobile Solutions: Improving Supply Chain Efficiencies"

As companies strive to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers in today’s global economy and omni-channel environment, more of them are leveraging mobility solutions to streamline their shipping and distribution operations.

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IHS -May 2015 (SCMR)

"How Best in Class Companies Embrace Operational Excellence to Drive Procurement and Supply Chain Performance"

Many leading companies have adopted Operational Excellence programs that establish a framework for supply chain performance improvement. While there are many definitions of Operational Excellence and various approaches to excellence programs, at its core, Operational Excellence is about creating value for the enterprise on a continuous, measurable basis. Value can be derived from lower procurement costs, a more resilient, risk tolerant supply chain, and improvements in customer service. 

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JDA Software - January 2015 (SCMR)

"Realizing Business Productivity Through Supply Chain Segmentation"

The research examined organizations' adoption of a supply chain segmentation strategy and implementation, and how their investments and commitment to a segmented approach is delivering enhanced process efficiencies, better inventory management, and improved customer service.  140 supply chain executives offered input on their current supply chain infrastructures. 

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Kewill - November 2014 (LM & SCMR)

"Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Convergence, Collaboration, and Visibility"

With an eye on improving data integration, systems convergence, and visibility beyond the four walls of their warehouses, survey respondents revealed the high and low points of their current supply chain processes. In the upcoming months and years, organizations will continue to launch initiatives that improve overall supply chain efficiencies, enable greater control over supply chain costs, and improve inventory management. 

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