Anaplan - May 2018 (SCMR)

"How connecting the supply chain improves business performance"

If you were to ask Supply Chain Leaders their biggest priority, you’re very likely to hear this answer: “I want to make better decisions.”

Better decisions are key to better business performance. Though the challenges facing supply chain leaders have stayed very similar over the past few decades, decisions around those challenges have become much more important. The supply chain affects a significant portion of the income statement, and for many companies it affects 100% of revenue, so getting it right is essential. As the world has become smaller (same-day delivery, anyone?) and flatter (it’s just as easy to get goods from China as it is from across town), a healthy, connected supply chain has become more important than ever to business success. A truly connected supply chain empowers better decision-making, and in turn, a healthier supply chain. And if the supply chain is healthy, chances are the business is operating with a competitive advantage.

In January 2018, Peerless Research Group (PRG) conducted a survey on behalf of Supply Chain Management Review for Anaplan, a leading provider of supply chain collaboration platforms. The study was administered to dozens of high-ranking supply chain and operations executives in large organizations to include manufacturing, retail, wholesale and warehousing organizations–$ 500 million or more in annual revenues. Their answers revealed some intriguing paradoxes as they shared their views on supply chain performance and business goals.

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