Kewill - November 2014 (LM & SCMR)

"Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Convergence, Collaboration, and Visibility"

With an eye on improving data integration, systems convergence, and visibility beyond the four walls of their warehouses, survey respondents revealed the high and low points of their current supply chain processes. In the upcoming months and years, organizations will continue to launch initiatives that improve overall supply chain efficiencies, enable greater control over supply chain costs, and improve inventory management.

Most acknowledge that their organizations’ supply chain activities and processes are lacking and are in need of improvement and attention. Additionally, supply chain operations will be focusing on solutions that:

  • Provide current and accurate information enabling smarter transportation & logistics choices related to modes, routes, loads, etc.
  • Improve customer service processes
  • Enhance sourcing and provide better communication and collaboration with business partners
  • Offer alerts on supply, demand, inventory, and better manage supply chain risks

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