Panasonic - March 2017 (MMH)

"Mobile Solutions: Improving Supply Chain Efficiencies"

As companies strive to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers in today’s global economy and omni-channel environment, more of them are leveraging mobility solutions to streamline their shipping and distribution operations.

To examine how mobile solutions are being utilized in warehousing, logistics, distribution and manufacturing facilities, or with remote or field operations, 185 managers involved in the purchase and usage of mobile and wireless solutions were surveyed about the challenges they face in managing supply chain activities, and how mobile devices and applications can improve process proficiencies and accuracies.

This report shares the results of the survey to help supply chain managers better understand the types of mobile solutions being adopted and where they are being deployed, identify those areas that are in greatest need of upgrades, and outline the plans for acquiring and revitalizing critical mobile applications. The survey further supports the need for mobile systems as a means of sharpening inventory management procedures, fulfilling more orders rapidly and correctly, gaining greater control over operational costs, and improving customer service and support.

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