Logility - July 2018 (LM)

"The Keys to Capturing and Leveraging Actionable Information"

Supply chain capabilities in the digital age center on better information management and analytics. Use of transactional systems, disconnected planning tools, and reports summarizing historical trends may have been adequate for the supply chains of the past but are unlikely to meet the insights and optimized planning needed today.

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Honeywell - January 2016 (LM & MMH)

"Sensors in Distribution: On the Cusp of New Performance Efficiencies"

The digital economy is strong with e-commerce accelerating at a better than 10 percent annual clip. That shift in buyer behavior draws attention to consumer technologies like smart phones and mobile commerce, but when it comes to fulfilling all those orders for the goods that connected consumers are snapping up, distribution centers (DCs) are where the demands of the digital world run up against the realities of the physical world of order picking, packing, and getting goods out on time. 

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Digital Lumens - November 2015 (MMH)

"How Tracking/Managing Energy Consumption Drives Real Cost Savings"

The spacious, expansive nature of the warehouse or distribution center (DC) makes it a prime candidate for managing energy consumption and cutting costs, helping companies achieve their corporate sustainability and environmental goals. While most organizations acknowledge the potential benefits of reducing energy consumption, and a good portion measure usage across various systems, numerous obstacles stand between these firms and the path to significant cost savings, many of them internal hurdles.

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Daintree - October 2015 (MMH)

"Internet of Things — Savings and Operational Efficiencies for the Industrial/ Warehouse Environment"

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next wave of information technology (IT) because it holds the potential to glean new insights and efficiencies by tapping into data from smart, connected devices, sensors and machines. The IoT’s benefits range from improved efficiencies and time savings to better energy efficiency.

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Viastore Systems - June 2015 (MMH)

"Material Handling System Choices: Priorities, Approaches and Selection Processes of Decision-Makers"

Take the mystique out of material handling system choices and installation partner decisions by examining the priorities, operational objectives, and partnering approaches of decision markers involved in selecting and deploying these systems.

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Zebra - March 2015 (MMH)

"Plans to Improve Warehouse Efficiencies"

The pressure to perform is on, and warehouses/ DCs around the globe are playing pivotal roles in companies’ ability to live up to and/or exceed customer and stakeholder expectations in today’s competitive business environment. Being compliant and operating efficiently in the omni-channel retail environment, for example, requires a level of precision and attention to detail that allows shippers to respond to a wide variety of ordering, product mix, and shipping variations. Fulfilling all orders correctly the first time, and backing up that activity with superior customer service, have become critical goals for shippers that want to stand above the crowd in their respective industries.

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Forte - September 2014 (MMH)

"WMS and WCS Implementations & Best Practices"

An uptick in e-commerce and omni-channel retailing pushes warehouse and distribution center managers to rethink their technology and automation investments and optimize their operations to meet the new demands of today’s business world. 

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