Viastore Systems - June 2015 (MMH)

"Material Handling System Choices: Priorities, Approaches and Selection Processes of Decision-Makers"

The resurgent global economy and the rapid growth of ecommerce means there are more orders to fill, more goods to move, and ultimately, a need for better material handling systems. In fact, according to MHI, material handling equipment manufacturing orders grew 8.1% in 2014, and are forecast to grow 9% for 2015. The forecast for shipments is even higher, at 11% for 2015, as the material handling industry works to ship and deploy a backlog of orders.

For managers responsible for warehouses, distribution centers (DCs), and the software and equipment assets within them, a better understanding of material handling system purchase intent and installation partner approaches helps guide decisions regarding these systems and how they can be applied to gain operational efficiencies. Knowing more about what other companies are looking for from material handling system providers, the objectives they have for the systems, and who they are partnering with to design, install, and maintain the systems, can help a company determine how to better approach new material handling system choices and projects. 

A recent survey conducted among material handling managers by viastore systems, Inc., investigates the decision process for the purchase and installation of material handling systems.

The survey’s scope spans:

  •  What are the strengths and talents that are most commonly sought from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)?
  •  What type of organizations (e.g., OEMs, system integrators, consultants) are companies turning to for design, implementation, and maintenance services for automated material handling?
  • What type of material handling systems and equipment will be deployed over the next five years?
  •  What are the leading objectives of these deployments?
  •  Which provider characteristics—such as the ability to deliver projects on schedule and on budget—are rated most highly by users?

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