Honeywell - April 2016 (LM/MMH)

"Enhancing the Customer Experience: Connected Devices for Field Service Workflows"

We live and do business in a highly connected world. That brings clear benefits, such as being able to use real-time data capture and mobile access to applications to create efficiencies, but it also brings potential challenges. The connected customer demands more from retailers, logistics providers and services companies. One bad experience and the customer may leave forever. 

As a result, the way companies approach technologies that support after-sales and field service is changing. Technologies such as bar code scanners are no longer just a way to efficiently and accurately capture data—workers in the field need technology that improves the customer experience. That means one-stop service calls that fix problems on the first visit; it means deliveries that meet or beat the arrival time promise; it means accurate, damage-free deliveries, with the ability to up sell customers on the spot; and it means field service that can be proactive, rather than “break/fix” calls or routine maintenance.

The way that technology, including Internet of Things (IoT) technology, gets applied to field and after-sales service carries significant profit ramifications. According to a 2015 report from analyst firm IDC,1 some leading manufacturers are gaining up to 50% of their profits from after-sales sources, and the trend will continue as connected products become a cornerstone for revenue growth in the coming years.

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