E2open - March 2017 (SCMR)

"Outsourcing Manufacturing: Visibility and collaboration are the keys to a successful partnership"

Focused on reducing manufacturing and labor costs, cutting overhead and gaining production flexibility, manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing production to outside firms that can competently and reliably manage some or all of the process. Used both domestically and with foreign entities, outsourcing has proven itself to be a viable business strategy for companies that want to focus on their core competencies rather than trying to “do it all.”

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Kronos - September 2017 (Logistics Management)

"Finding Agility in Your Workforce: Are you prepared to meet the next market shift?"

With National Unemployment Rate hovering around 4.3 percent (after peaking at 10 percent during the recession), the baby boomers heading off into retirement at an alarming pace, and the growth of the “working age” population slowing (according to the U.S. Census Bureau),1 finding skilled workers to fill logistics positions has become extremely difficult. Concurrently, logistics organizations find themselves at the crossroads of accommodating the demand-driven supply chain and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

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E2open - January 2016 (SCMR)

"Outsourcing Manufacturing: a 20/20 view"

Outsourcing manufacturing is becoming a well-established approach for companies that want to strategically manage materials in today’s fast-paced business environment. 

In return, manufacturers see various benefits from outsourcing to reliable manufacturing and logistics partners, including cost and asset reductions, access to skilled labor, third-party design, and manufacturing expertise, along with the ability to quickly scale production up or down. An outsourcing strategy also allows brand owners to focus on their core competencies of design, brand management, and sales, while relying on partners to manage manufacturing and distribution.

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