Kronos - September 2017 (Logistics Management)

"Finding Agility in Your Workforce: Are you prepared to meet the next market shift?"

With National Unemployment Rate hovering around 4.3 percent (after peaking at 10 percent during the recession), the baby boomers heading off into retirement at an alarming pace, and the growth of the “working age” population slowing (according to the U.S. Census Bureau),1 finding skilled workers to fill logistics positions has become extremely difficult. Concurrently, logistics organizations find themselves at the crossroads of accommodating the demand-driven supply chain and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Between logistics outsourcing, reverse logistics, increasing transportation and storage costs, changing global regulations, and razor-thin margins, organizations must be able to leverage all available advantages in order to be the “vendor of choice” and remain competitive in today’s business world.

While technology is advancing processes with robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous cars and trucks, supply chains are ultimately powered by people. Maximizing this reality in today’s world is anything but easy. According to a new Kronos survey conducted in partnership with Peerless Media, the top challenge that logistics managers are facing right now is worker turnover and retention.

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