Dock Management Strategies

Still managing your dock and yard with manual old-school processes? You’re not alone. Look at how your yard management and dock scheduling systems can help bring your organization out of the dark ages.

Rising Cost of Dock Management

Transportation costs, the driver shortage, and capacity crunches are just a few external variables impacting the supply chain. Therefore, it makes it difficult for companies to be productive, efficient, and profitable. Add the rigors of e-commerce, omni-channel distribution, and customer demands to the list and you wind up with an environment that’s challenging for even the most seasoned logistics and supply chain professionals.

Focusing on getting the right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time. These professionals know that today’s customer demands full transparency into where those deliveries are at all times. While warehouse and transportation management systems can generally answer those questions in the warehouse or during transport, what happens out in the yard or on the dock isn’t always as transparent.

Focused on meeting customer needs and demands, with limited resources, logistics professionals will turn to technology to help them do their jobs while maintaining profitability and shoring up the bottom line.

Achieving these goals isn’t easy in any business environment, however, it’s onerous in our e-commerce, omni-channel distribution world. The companies that invest in technology and include their docks in those investment decisions will be best positioned for success.

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