Concept Evaluation & Feasibility Studies

Test a product concept idea, logo, slogan, value proposition or other communication prior to being launched or restructured to better understand resonance, acceptance, association with brand, and significance among your audience.

Understand whether a product or service concept, or a new positioning for an existing product or service appeals to users and/or potential customers and whether it effectively conveys brand attributes and brand personality.

This type of project is geared toward fine-tuning the language and meaning, and will help identify potential areas for improvement.

Multiple executions can be tested to establish ‘best-of-breed’ elements.

Some key measurements may include:

  • Organization’s present and future requirements for a particular solution
  • Characteristics considered important when evaluating providers of a particular solution
  • Statement or concept likes/dislikes
  • Message resonance, importance, etc.
  • Acceptance/rejection of statement/concept

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