Millennials in the Supply Chain Workforce

New research from SCMR, APICS and APQC reveals a generation that is enthused and engaged in a career in the supply chain workforce.

As more millennials (born between 1980 and 1995) enter the marketplace, managers are recognizing the need to adjust traditional business and supply chain approaches to embrace a generation that is changing the workplace. Those who adapt quickly may garner the benefits gained from a highly competitive, techno-savvy generation. Supply Chain Management Review magazine, APICS and APQC, are conducting a study to better understand your generation as a critical segment of the supply chain workforce.

This industry research was conducted by Peerless Research Group in conjunction with Supply Chain Management Review , APICS, the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management, and APQC, (American Productivity & Quality Center) a premier provider in benchmarking, best practices and knowledge management applications.

The research was executed to better understand how Millennials become involved in the supply chain workforce and learn more about their viewpoints in working in today’s supply chain.

Some of the questions asked include

  • Your First Position within Supply Chain
  • Employment Tenure
  • Areas within Supply Chain Currently Involved
  • Prospective Areas of Future Supply Chain Involvement
  • Challenges and Frustrations with Current Job
  • Likelihood of Working in Supply Chain Field in 5 years
  • Reasons for Entering the Supply Chain Field
  • Training and Education Plans
  • Professional Association Membership