Supply Chain Management Review’s Compensation and Executive Education Salary Survey

2019 Salary Survey

Purpose of salary survey study

  • Determine the current salaries and overall compensation for supply chain professionals.
  • Examine the current job/overall career satisfaction of supply chain professionals.
  • Ascertain supply chain executive’s education as well as participation in career-related education

Specifically, the research examines

  • Compensation
  • Job and career history
  • Satisfaction with career as a supply chain professional
  • Education to include executive classes, training, certifications

Demographics Methodology

In May, 2019, an e-mail invitation was sent to subscribers of Supply Chain Management Review asking for their participation in this industry research study. The e-mail included a dedicated URL linked to a website hosting the questionnaire. Results are based on 199 qualified respondents. The margin of error for this study is +/- 7.1%, meaning if the entire population responded, results may vary by +/- 7.1%.

Some of the questions asked include

  • What is your current total annual salary for 2019?
  • In the last year, by what percent did your salary level change?
  • Age and salary by age
  • Gender and salary by gender
  • Number of direct and indirect reports
  • Experience and Salary by years of logistics/supply chain management experience
  • Factors that most greatly affect satisfaction with current job
  • Level of education and degree
  • Company size: Number of employees