Modern Materials Handling Pallet Usage Study

Pallet Market Research Report

This study is the fourth wave of a tracking study conducted on behalf of Modern Materials Handling. The industry research is conducted to better understand current & future pallet usage and to assess any trends that may be occurring in the pallet market. Results in this report trend back to the 2015 wave.

Areas of Investigation:

  • Factors considered important when determining which types of pallets to use
  • Types of pallets (wood, plastic, metal, etc.) in use/planned for future use
  • Usage of new vs. used wood pallets
  • Usage of plastic pallets
  • Usage of metal pallets
  • Level of usage for pallets during the next two years
  • Recent changes to pallet usage patterns
  • Usage of pallets rental services
  • Usage of pallets outside the US

Sample: Subscribers of Modern Materials Handling magazine Respondent Qualifications: Being employed at a location that uses pallets Research Method: By email invitation. The invitation included a URL linked to a dedicated website which hosted the questionnaire.

Some questions which were asked include:

  • What are the most important factors in your decisions to use a certain type of pallet?
  • What types of pallets do you use?
  • What are the sizes you commonly use?
  • What type of wood pallets are you primarily using?
  • Are the wood pallets you purchase new or used?
  • How would you describe your usage of plastic pallets during the last year?
  • During the next 12 months do you expect your usage of metal pallets to increase, decrease or stay the same?
  • Does your company rent, plan to rent pallets or use a retrieval/recovery provider?
  • Over the next two years do you expect the number of pallets you ship internationally to increase, decrease or stay the same?
  • Are your pallet providers offering any of the following solutions?